Kaveh Afrouz Industrial Co. started its activity in 1991 and started producing oil boilers and stoves. From the very beginning, with the acquisition of national standard Iranian certificates, it was produced in a safe and quality manner. In the following years Subsequent experience in the production of various kinds of gas water heater, gas heater and water cooler was also put into operation and in 2010, with the experience and experience of the instantaneous gas burner, the wall was started.

In 2012, Kaveh Afrouz managed to obtain global standard certificates such as ISO 9001 and ISO 17025. By obtaining these certificates, a high step in production, according to the advanced and approved systems with the knowledge of the day, and by creating variety and innovation in the products, strengthened its position in the market. In addition to the market of our beloved country in Iran, this collection since 1996 Influenced in the Middle East countries, it managed to export its products and, with the widest development of exports to these areas, has been trying to increase its share of the global market. Since 2011, it has been a provincial sample exporter by the Mining Organization And trade was introduced, which over the years has been able to maintain its status in this field. Kaveh Afrouz B Having over 300 active after sales service dealers throughout the country, installs, launches and repairs their products to customers in the most up-to-the-minute time possible and, by monitoring the performance of the after sales service unit, strives to improve the quality of our services and comfort. Since the establishment of the boundless mercy of God, from the very beginning, the company's management and hard-working personnel have been able to satisfy the satisfaction of all the respectable domestic and foreign customers. The name and brand of Kaveh Eros are well known in all parts of Iran beyond the borders. .

In March 1395, in line with the variety of branding, Kaveh Afrouz brand was introduced as a brand for the brands of innovations and industry and Mehr brand for its products.

Increasing customer satisfaction, increasing quality, creating continuous employment, and paying more and more attention to the customer's suggestions from the company's permanent missions and goals, staying with us in the field of production and service is our pride.